The Spa of Turlock... Body Treatments


Perfect for tired and swollen legs, this new technology uses computerized pressured sleeves to improve circulation, eliminate toxins, stimulate oxygenation, and create inch loss. $65


The perfect treatment for anyone experiencing chronic pain, this technologically advanced treatment uses computerized suction cups to lift muscle and stimulate blood flow. By stimulating the lymphatic system, this treatment decreases swelling which increases hydration and aids with healing. Benefits also include facial contouring, decreasing excess fluid build-up, toning and firming of the skin, and eliminating cellulite. $65

M’lis Body Wrap

This is a great way to jump start or finish your weight loss campaign. The M’lis Body Wrap begins with an all over body brush to stimulate the skin, followed by the application of all natural herbs that aid in detoxifying the body. After the herbs are applied you will be wrapped tightly and put under sheets to rest while listening to soothing music. $95